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I work predominantly with printmaking, mixed media and photography, often preferring to select surface and media that makes connections with the theme and context. Method and meaning are often interconnected.

Approaches often involve deconstructing and assembling work using collage methods. In particular juxtaposing multilayered Prints and drawings with machine stitch as a way to examine, reinterpret and reimagine.

I tend to be drawn more to techniques that allow ‘chance’ and ‘accident’. For instance multilayered mono print. More recently I have also been working in the photographic darkroom enjoying interpreting imagery using photogram methods. I am particularly interested in techniques that allow me to adopt a more painterly and expressive approach.

My method of working usually involves some form of initial research and investigation. For instance repeated visits to a location or historical research in a subject. It is important to me that visual and historical research underpin and inform the group of work. The investigative journey is as much a part of the work as the end result.

Whilst starting points to my work can vary, a recurring interest is in imagery that has a sense of the uncanny. Also, ways to convey a narrative around absence presence and transience. I am especially drawn to subjects with historical and environmental interest.

I work from my studio at Waterhall Farm in Whitwell, Hertfordshire.

Studio visits can be arranged by emailing me;

I produce my prints at Digswell Arts printmaking facility where I also run workshops and Open Access sessions.